Front-end webdev building detailed & beautiful experiences

Hey — My name is Luc. I'm a Dutch student currently studying IT & Media Design at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences, focusing on front-end webdevelopment.

I like designing and developing quality products that excite both the client and the user.

I specialize in web- apps and sites using modern technologies & tools like Node & React. Recently i also started using React Native to build native mobile applications.

You can find me on LinkedIn, GitHub or e-mail me directly.


I like to describe myself as a jack-of-all-trades with a specialisation in development. Below are some of my skills that I've honed over the years.


Branding is important. When building a brand from the ground up, I think about what a brand needs to make you feel some type of way, wether it be through fonts, colors, or imagery.


Webdesign is something I've been doing for a couple of years now, mainly focusing on web and mobile UI designs. I use these skills to design and test prototypes before developing them.


Development is my true passion. I like building websites, web apps and native mobile apps with JavaScript using frameworks like React & React Native, or sometimes even just static HTML / CSS if needed.


I like to follow a similar approach to most of my solo projects and use methods I've grown to love over the years.


Always the first step. Thinking about the problem and how to solve it. This is also the creative phase and where all ideas are born.


With a thought out concept, this can be converted into wireframes and UI designs to visualise everything. Images speak louder than words.


Converting the designs to a dynamic prototype to perform user tests and make changes where necessary. See how a user behaves and what the product can improve on.


Developing the end product by turning the prototype into a real thing with the latest modern technologies and frameworks, then deploying it for everyone to see.