2017 Web

Building a modern and interactive IT servicedesk ticketing system on the web.

Tix is an interactive ticketing / servicedesk system where users can create, edit and delete tickets to track their progress. It also features a variety of statistics for crucial insight on how the servicedesk is performing.

This project was made as an individual school assignment to get more familiar with PHP and SQL. It uses PHP and SQL to get data from a database, HTML / CSS to create the UI, and JavaScript to add subtle animations to the UI resulting in a more engaging UX.

The project

Tix allows users to create, edit and delete new tickets. These tickets are all stored in a database and have multiple properties assigned to them to get as much information as possible. Other than tickets, users can check out statistics like the amount of open tickets, escalated tickets, and more. The user can also search for any keywords to find a ticket they were looking for, if they aren't able to find it in the main overview where they can use multiple filters to find the ticket they needed. I used Chart.js to convert my data into these charts, and the Surface framework to create the layout, which I then customised to my own liking.

As this was an individual project, I was responsible for creating the entire project from scratch.


While building this web app, I had to brush up on both my PHP and SQL skills as I hadn't worked with either of these techniques in a long time, and previously only working with them for short amounts. I started by building the front-end to get a good baseline of how I wanted it to look and which functionalities I wanted to implement, later creating a database in PhpMyAdmin which I connected to the front-end using SQL and PHP.

The process went smooth because the project was still fairly entry-level webdevelopment and basically a standard CRUD project including a good looking front-end.


Since this project was focused on webdevelopment, the only deliverable was a functional web app.

Web app

Using HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript I was able to build a clean and functional end product in the form of a web app. The goal for this project was to demonstrate webdevelopment skills and complete a certain amount of tasks within the app, such as creating and deleting a new ticket.

I am happy with the end result and so was the stakeholder, as it was graded with an A+ (10) because it fulfilled every single requirement.

Below are some screenshots of the web app. Unfortunately due to the project being relatively old, it is no longer live hosted.

Tix - charts

Tix - ticket overview

Tix - new ticket

Tix - ticket info